How to search for population dynamics data

To perform a simple search:

  1. Enter the terms you want to search for in the search box (e.g. taxon name, country in the 'keywords').
  2. Hit the 'search' button.
  3. If there are any matches in the database, you will see a list of datasets.
  4. You can download a data set by clicking on the corresponding 'dataset' link or download multiple data sets using the checkboxes and 'submit' button .

To perform a detailed search:

  1. Use the drop-down boxes to select a category (e.g. taxon name, country)
  2. Define the operators and hit new search (text is case sensitive)
  3. Hit search on the top field
  4. Now follow steps 2 to 4 from 'perform a simple search'

Vector popuation dynamics data releated documents and files

Data collection template: We will be working on this during the Vectobite 2017 meeting.
Data submission instructions:: Currently being developed.
VecDyn manual: The current development version of the database is based on the Global Population Dynamics Database (GPDD) which hosts the largest collection of animal and plant population data throughout the world, within nearly 5,000 time series. We in the process of developing our own user guide which will coincide with the official release of the VecDyn database. For the time being please refer to the GPDD user guide.
Examples in R: Help on how to produce a time series in R (R project folder and do files)

Vector traits data related documents and files:

More news to follow, we will start developing this database in 2018