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FrEE Symposium 2017

Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution 5-7 September

About the meeting

Welcome to the I Symposium in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution at Silwood Park that will take place in September 2017.

Starting this historic year, the FrEE Symposium will be a three-day summer event co-organized by a committee of Masters and PhD students at the Silwood Park campus (Department of Life Sciences of Imperial College London. This is an exciting opportunity for students to present their research, see what colleagues are up to, and discuss challenges in Ecological and Evolutionary research with peers and seniors. The symposium will be broken into concurrent sessions of focal research themes, and morning and afternoon sessions will be kicked off with keynote lectures. We already have four great speakers lined up – Prof. Judith Mank, Dr. Lindsay Turnbull, Prof Juliet Osborne and Angela Saini. Please register using the menu above.